Why you do this English?

Why you do this English?

Hindi! I remember being 'eh!' at it. I remember struggling to speak well and I remember being heckled for it. Another thing I remember is that there were no capital letters in Hindi. There was little confusion in Hindi. I could read the letters as they were, and not how they should be. Hindi was everything that isn't the English language.

Capital letters



Oh sorry. I was watching the news there, a few feet from me, a fight over God. Two groups shouting the same thing, exchanging spit. Then they start pushing. Just pushing. Not hitting, punching or fighting. Just pushing. There was little actual physicality, but through rhetoric and quite of lot of pomp and show and effigy burning and self-censorship and nationalism and and and...

The point is, the term not GOD, but God. Grammatically correct I am.

The capital G comes out of nowhere. Why? Nouns they said. Its to identify a particular...something. Class, people, places, names, things, ideas....IDEAS!

Ideas...ideas have a shelf life. When an idea is carried for a long time. I mean a really long time. They still remains an idea...right? But why are ideas in capitals?

Coz ideas are nouns. Stupid!

But as I put the G down, somehow I feel that G is not within my grasp. Like G's i space, like G's just out of my grasp. Out of all of our grasps. g on the other hand is in my grasp. g is an idea that I can understand. g is common, g is within my grasp. g is within all our grasps. I guess that most people can share a g. But a G? G is not in shared. G is limited, so G is special.
Its a G man! Its not just an idea. Its the Idea.

G, in comparison to g, is limited. Its in short supply. Probably because G is special. So special, that it has been around for a long time. But very few people can grasp G. Who few? G only knows.

But then, I keep coming back to the fighting. And I think. How many Gs are there? I mean, if there was one, or a few Gs, then people wouldn't fight a few feet from me. Would they? G only knows.
If there are many Gs, then shouldn't the Gs become g?

So finally I ask. English! Why you do this to me? Is it a G? Or is it a g? g only knows.